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Family Therapy

Family therapy is one of many types of addiction therapy in Wyoming today. With more than 24 million people aged 12 and older suffering addiction, it’s evident that many families are impacted by the destructive forces of drugs and alcohol. Supporting a family member who is suffering from addiction can be difficult. Many families do not understand the nature of addiction or how to effectively help their loved one as they suffer with this complex disease. Family therapy provides a platform for addiction sufferers and their families to get the help they need to cope with this difficult situation.


Overview of Family Therapy

Most addiction therapies, traditional and alternative, are focused on the user alone. Family therapy, on the other hand, plays an important role in the catalog of viable addiction treatments. When a family member develops a substance addiction, they will suffer, but there family will also suffer. It is not uncommon for family relationships to become strained or unravel in the face of a powerful drug or alcohol addiction. During family therapy, a trained therapist will focus on the entire family unit in order to strengthen its relationships. Family members learn healthy forms of support, and addicts will learn what they can expect from their families.


Family Therapy in Wyoming

During family treatment sessions in Wyoming, families will learn how to cope with their negative emotions and fears as a family unit. They will also learn how to identify the triggers that have led their loved one to turn to alcohol or drugs. As they learn new strategies for coping, they can contend with their negative feelings and stop relapse in its tracks.

There is also an important educational component in the family therapy platform. Families can gain a deeper understanding of their loved one’s disease. They will be able to interpret signs and symptoms of negative emotions as a means for helping to prevent relapse, and they will learn how their behaviors may play a role in their loved one’s recovery process.

One of the great things about family therapy is that therapists and counselors can customize treatments to suit each family’s needs. Each family member can benefit from their time in therapy and, taken altogether, each session also supports the addict. As all participants learn new skills for managing addiction, a more empowered group is sure to emerge once treatment is completed


Codependent Behaviors


Addicts deal with multiple dependencies as a result of their addiction. They must battle both physical and mental dependencies, for instance. However, the addict is not the only one affected by dependency in some family situations. Codependency occurs when a family member such as a parent or spouse becomes completely preoccupied with their loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction. Their intense worry can become enabling to addiction sufferers and it also removes some of the responsibility from the shoulders of the addiction sufferer. Taking on too much worry is unhealthy for family members. Addiction therapy will help people who are codependent learn about healthy ways they can support their loved one so they can stop enabling them to continue with their current unhealthy lifestyle.


If you live in Wyoming, a family therapy program may be just what your family needs to get the help it needs in the wake of addiction. Wyoming is home to many qualified therapists who can help you manage your family’s concerns. Family therapy is a major benefit for addicts too. They gain the vital help they need within the context of their family. Many addicts find this to be an important part of their overall recovery. Contact a trained specialist today!