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Alternative Treatment in Wyoming

Many addiction sufferers in Wyoming turn to traditional substance abuse treatments to help them manage their addictions to alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, however, alternative treatment programs can be the ideal type of treatment for addicts. Many users find they benefit by combining various types of addiction treatments including alternative treatments. If you have a substance addiction, rehab centers in Wyoming can help you by assessing your needs and recommending an optimum course of treatment for you.


Understanding Alternative Addiction Treatment

There are many forms of alternative addiction treatment. As addiction experts assert, there is no one path to addiction recovery. Addiction sufferers can take various paths to reach their goals for sober living. Unlike evidence-based addiction treatments that are more traditional in nature, alternative addiction treatments often have less scientific support denoting their efficacy. As many of these programs continue to stand out for their successes, they may be officially included in the traditional pantheon of addiction treatment in time. For now, however, these programs are still young and unmeasured. Nevertheless, many addiction sufferers credit many aspects of their recovery to alternative treatments.


Alternative Addiction Treatment Types

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is offered at various addiction treatment centers in Wyoming. A growing number of rehab and addiction treatment centers have embraced this type of therapy that pairs horses and addiction sufferers together. A compelling type of treatment, addiction therapy emphasizes the role that responsibility plays in the recovery process. Participants learn to take care of the horse they are partnered with and take part in various activities that emphasize self-discipline. Animal interactions have been used in various types of treatments for various conditions, but it appears especially promising for those suffering from a substance addiction.


Art Therapy

There are many addiction sufferers who find that verbal communication is difficult. This poses a problem when it comes to traditional therapy sessions that focus heavily on discussion. For people who find talking about their problems to be especially troubling, art therapy can play a significant role in their recovery process. Art therapy sessions are therapist led; however, sufferers rely on artistic expression to convey much of what they think or feel. These sessions have been shown to be extremely valuable for people suffering from addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. As people explore their emotions through the artistic process, they can work through many of the issues that drive both of their disorders.


Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy is a highly structured alternative treatment program that employs a step-by-step format. The program is rigidly staged and participants must work through each stage in order to complete the program. MRT emphasizes the development of strong identity and teaches addicts how to change their identity and manner of thinking in order to reach their goal of recovery.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is another popular alternative addiction treatment employed in Wyoming. Yoga has long been regarded as helpful for promoting physical and mental health. Throughout the practice, participants cultivate mindfulness and learn ways to manage their compulsions more effectively. Practicing mindfulness helps them to ward away the triggers that caused them to rely on drugs or alcohol and to prevent themselves from succumbing to relapse.

Many people in Wyoming have turned to alternative addiction treatments to get the help they need to end their cycle of substance abuse. Many sufferers attend both traditional and alternative treatments as each type has something to offer their recovery process. If you live in Wyoming and need help coping with a substance addiction, be sure to contact an addiction specialist today to get the help you need.